In 1971, five decades ago, Vann York opens his first automobile franchise in High Point, North Carolina!

A time to celebrate, a time to reflect and a time to continue the tireless advocacy for great customer care

And enduring community support!

Today Vann York Auto Group has 5 locations, 7 brands and over 2000 available vehicles every day… and has become a destination and a symbol of trust in the triad!

From modest beginnings … to an organization with thousands of customers and over three hundred and fifty employees …

Fifty years is a milestone to be cherished!

Great brands are a given ...

But at the heart of our success is our competitive advantage ... our people ... some who’ve been with us for over 35 years. as we celebrate 50 years we also celebrate and thank those responsible

For a very big part of our success ... you!

A legacy of pride … Vann York Auto Group ... Building Relationships That Last.